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 Aztec Airways

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Capt. Kool Aid

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PostSubject: Aztec Airways   Aztec Airways EmptyThu Jun 02, 2016 10:06 pm

All you people who pissed and moaned about Twin Air and then pissed and moaned about Twin Air closing best get on the Aztec Airways band wagon ASAP. As well as you Silver haters.

Flew them a couple days ago and they're the bomb! I was the only person booked for the day in either direction and they didn't cancel on me.

It's Twin Air with a first class waiting area, nice clean planes and super service. You leave from the Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport at the Banyan terminal. Which is where many of the private planes and charters leave. So it's very nice and very comfortable. You can even get a bite to eat there.

And then when you land at N. Eleuthera you go into the FBO like private planes do. No customs and immigration lines. Your bags are looked at, maybe, and brought out to you at the curb. Ah the joys of flying "private"!

You don't have to buy a round trip ticket and they are very easy going on flight changes. Like Twin Air the also fly cargo.

So get with it folks and show them some support!

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El G

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PostSubject: Re: Aztec Airways   Aztec Airways EmptyThu Jun 09, 2016 11:21 am

Capt we agree with you 100%.  We used them this year both ways on our trip.  AWESOME.  Free parking, but you do have to pay the $29/ea departure tax.  A BIG plus for us is that they can also take you into GHB.  We will absolutely be using them in the future.

El G
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Aztec Airways
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