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 What a great week

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What a great week Empty
PostSubject: What a great week   What a great week EmptyTue Nov 17, 2015 4:28 pm

Just returned from a great week in Eleuthera.  Having big time DIF withdrawals, so thought I would post a few of our favorite days. 
Day 1, Sunday - went to Hut Pointe beach (Atlantic side).  Found a huge side wall from a shipping container (the kind that are placed on cargo ships) that had beached.  Had no rust on it whatsoever, so was a recent destruction.  From the cargo ship that went down a few weeks back during the hurricane?  Also, there are pieces of yellowish/orange colored Styrofoam scattered all along the atlantic side beaches, several miles worth.  Volumes we have never seen before.  Also from the cargo ship?
Day 2, Monday - cloudy, somewhat rainy day.  Little did we know when we ventured out that morning that TS Kate was forecasted to hit the island later in the day.  Left the house at 8am and dodged rain squalls all day....but nothing significant.  Good day to explore the naval base.  We were walking along outside the large two story dilapidated building on the hill of the old base and were startled by about half a dozen goats, which were up on the second floor of the building (we had no idea they were there), decided to let their presence known to us by all of them jumping up on these large second floor window sills, at what seemed liked all at the same time.  Got some great pics of these goats just hanging out, balancing on these window sills....was quite the site.  Still had no idea of TS Kate until we returned to the cottage at about 2pm just as IJ was boarding up the house!!.  Tropical storm coming!  Once that was done, we never received another drop of rain, the storm went much further east than forecasted, and it was a great sunset (which we had to view outside the boarded up house).  Storm shutters were removed the next day, so no great loss.  Each day after the Monday TS Kate non-event was just beautiful.
Ok, have to try and get some work done......will post a few more highlights from our favorite days (which was pretty much all of them) a little later.
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What a great week
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